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Defense Solutions Inc

Act Local - But Think Global

About Us

Based in the United States,

The Defense Solutions Inc

delivers value globally to our industrial,

military, and not-for-profit clientele.

Our unique business model allows us – and therefore you- to benefit from:

  • Real diversification across commodity, geography and activity.
  • A worldwide footprint, but specialization in the Middle East, Subcontinent, and the Pacific Rim.
  • An experienced owner-oriented management team focused on providing an exceptional level of service to our customers.

A Unique & Integrated Business Model

Our presence at each stage of the supply chain makes us valued counterpart for our customer, while allowing us to build our superior market insight into your business.

Over a period of years, we have built a strong market reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier of quality industrial and military products on a timely basis. Success in our business requires extensive market knowledge, an ability to work with government and non-profit agencies, and a logistics capability to adhere to budgets. This provides a diversification for our customers that serves to widen your margins without undue risk.

Sustainability – Values - Code of Conduct:

We understand and hope that our work will have an impact on society and the environment. Respect for human rights is fundamental to all our activities, and we take a proactive approach to health and safety issues such as potable water and micro-finance.

Our Statement of Values and our Code of Conduct represent our commitment to upholding good business practices, along with the underlying policies that support our ongoing integration of sustainability into our operational management procedures.

We are committed to upholding good business practices, which drives our approach towards societal, environmental and compliance indicator and provides clear guidance on the standards we expect all our operations to achieve. 

Our Core Values:

INTEGRITY - Everything is built on TRUST
PEOPLE - Respect . . . Everyone adds Value
ATTITUDE - Choose your Attitude
CUSTOMER - First Focus
EXCELLENCE - In everything that we do
TEAMWORK - All for one and one for all
COMMUNICATION - Up, down, and laterally
INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY - Always seeking new and better solutions.

Worldwide Contracts In:  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Gabon, Haiti, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kurdistan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Tanzania, Ukraine